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Capturing the Perfect Moments: Best Times for Photoshoots and Navigating New Motherhood

Golden Hour Photoshoot or Not? Why we Love Them but They're Not for Everyone.

As a photographer dedicated to preserving the beauty of life's most cherished moments, understanding the optimal times for photoshoots is crucial. It's not just about the lighting and setting, but also about creating an environment that's comfortable, enjoyable, and accommodating for everyone involved. In this blog post, we'll delve into the best times of day for photoshoots, considering the unique needs of new mothers and infants, the attention spans of children, and how we seamlessly incorporate these elements into our sessions.

Golden Hours: Chasing the Light: The magic of photography often comes alive during what photographers refer to as the "golden hours." These are the moments just after sunrise and just before sunset when the natural light is soft, warm, and flattering. During these times, the sun casts a gentle glow, enhancing the beauty of the surroundings and all of you. The result? Dreamy and timeless photographs that capture the essence of the moment.

New Mothers and Their Little Ones: Navigating Infancy: For new mothers with infants, scheduling photoshoots requires careful consideration of your unique needs. Infants are most content after feeding and naps, so early mornings or late afternoons can be ideal. We understand that you might need to take breaks for feeding, soothing, or changing diapers. Our goal is to create a relaxed atmosphere where both you and your baby feel comfortable. If desired, we're happy to incorporate breastfeeding moments into the images, celebrating the bond between mother and baby in a natural and beautiful way.

Children's Playful Energy: Short Attention Spans and Big Smiles: When it comes to photographing children, their boundless energy and ever-changing moods require a different approach. We know that children can have short attention spans, so we aim to keep the sessions lively, engaging, and fun. Candid shots of them exploring, laughing, and playing capture their personalities authentically. By choosing times of day when they are well-rested and alert, we ensure that their natural charm shines through.

Tailoring Sessions to Your Family: A Personalized Experience: Every family is unique, and we understand that your dynamics, schedules, and preferences may vary. Our commitment is to create a personalized experience that aligns with your family's needs. Whether it's a morning session by the beach, an afternoon adventure in the woods, or a twilight photoshoot in a serene garden, we'll tailor the timing to what works best for all of you.

In conclusion, the best times for photoshoots are as much about lighting and ambiance as they are about understanding and accommodating the people being photographed. From capturing the golden moments of sunrise and sunset to adjusting sessions for new mothers, infants, and lively children, our goal is to create an atmosphere where genuine interactions and emotions unfold naturally. With our expertise, flexibility, and dedication to capturing the essence of life's fleeting moments, you can trust that your photoshoot experience will be one to cherish forever.


Rachel Hazzard

Captured Soulfully



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