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A photographer taking a photo of a beautiful blue ocean seascape and rocks in Denmark Western Australia

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A newly wed bride and groom kissing while onlooking a beautiful warm field at sunset

About Us

We're Rachel & Cian Hazzard, your down-to-Earth, easy going, photographers!
Come get to know us. 

Our relationship is built on a beautiful friendship. We do everything together, and when I say everything, I mean literally everything. We began a crystal business within a few months of being together and its now a beautiful space called Earth's Little Healers. 

Cian actually was the one to help me dive deep into both crystals and photography! I was a florist prior to this who just wore stones and took photos for a bit a fun on my iPhone. Cian is an Irish born Aussie, multi instrumentalist musician who worked selling instruments and enjoyed capturing landscape photography on his travels. 

We have three beautiful rescue cats who we love and we follow a plant based, low-tox lifestyle. We have some big ideas about how the world could be run better, with love, compassion and a little more freedom. Our vision for the future involves us purchasing a beautiful plot of land which we can create a community around, growing our food and a huge flower field to offer as a wedding venue! Imagine a million fairy lights, star-filled, clear roof shelters, flowers and bees, open water sources and live music.

We love supporting other like minded people in business and life, so that's a little bit about us! If we align with any of your values, I'm sure we'll be an amazing fit. 


We love capturing the true essence of a couple or family.

The big goofy smiles, the giggles and the way you look at each other.

Not just those overly posed, everyone looking at the camera in formation, cheesy shots (see what I did there? ;) )


We direct some of your movements to capture beautiful angles until you find your flow and relax into the space of being authentically you even with a camera around. Then its our job to run around and capture all of the beauty.


We want to know your family's story, your love story, your dynamic and what you guys love about each other! Then we can really focus on these elements. We want to capture the perfectly imperfect moments of what makes your relationships special through beautiful imagery.

If this sounds amazing to you, we will be a perfect fit.